Melissa Cheater

Honours BA specializing in Media & Public Interest

Faculty of Information & Media Studies, University of Western Ontario

Education & Experience: 

Melissa currently works with Academica Group Inc. as a part of the communications and web strategy team.  In this role she has consulted in the development of a number of web best practices reports as well as web and e-community strategy for clients such as the Sprott School of Business, Bishop’s University and Cambrian College. Drawing on years of online and print layout and strategy experience, Melissa conducts web and communication audits and strategy.

With formal training in graphic design, multimedia development and web layout and strategy, Melissa has worked in the field of web design and maintenance for ten years. She is also trained in print layout and photography.

Previous roles have seen Melissa providing technology orientation for several organizations, including the University of Western Ontario, as well as serving two contracts with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food where she provided staff training, content migration strategy and large-scale update coordination on the Ministry’s website of over 17,000 pages. Further to this, she has also coordinated strategic web redesign for several organizations, including the London Abused Women’s Centre and the Sprott School of Business.Beyond web, Melissa has been an active member of the academic community throughout her studies and continues to do research for the Faculty of Information & Media Studies and the AnonEquity project which brings together leading academics across Canada to consider privacy issues from legal, technology and sociological angles.

Melissa has an Honours BA degree through the Media & Public Interest program offered through the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario. Her thesis was written on social network theory and e-community websites.


I love bed.  If I don’t have a bedtime snack, I will probably go ahead and dream about food.  My brother wears skiny jeans, looks like Jared Leto and is probably the most aesthetic thing in my life.  My apartment is small and my wardrobe repeats itself, but I have no student debt.  My life (my friends) are sweet, which makes up for my kitchen being a mess. Every girl needs her j-tone, and my mom is my soul.

I have a g.pig named Elliot, and she can be anything she wants to be (even if it’s being an itch factory and allergen ball).  I’m originally from Corner Brook, Newfoundland and have been living in Ontario since 1989.  I did my undergrad thesis on social network theory and have lucked out in the job market and am now advising colleges and universities on social network strategy (Facebook, applications, blogs, wiki’s, e-community etiquette).  Words are so important, so now I will stop wasting them.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Melissa,

    I get the top 10 each day and have met Ken at a few conferences. I too am from the rock, and am married to a gal from Corner Brook.

    Very interesting piece about parent expectations…

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