My undergraduate research at UWO included papers on representation of youth & youth culture; media distortion of homelessness: the Matrix of street living; vampires & those who slay them; the political economy of Canadian Media; Healthy Community strategies; nudity and victimization in crime/law television; characterization of violent women; local media; and radical alternative media. I focused my final year of study on social network theory (on & offline, strong & weak ties), computer mediated communication, and had the privilege to work with Dr. J. Burkell on various projects that explored perception of personal information – how privacy is understood and maintained by the public.

Currently writing for…

Academica Group

Upcoming pieces


Adapting to Networked Society: reviewing social networks, strong & weak ties, and mediated communication in light of MySpace, Facebook & Friendster [April 2006 PDF]

MySpace: A Network without Borders [April 2006 HTML PDF]

Negotiating Privacy Decisions: Roadblocks and Detours on the Information Highway [September 2005 PDF]

Blogs & Reviews

iTunesU – Managing & Marketing University Media Assets [HTML PDF]


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